"The penis, or phallus, is the male organ of penetration,
and it is the very act of penetration itself that lies behind
ever act of creation...."


The attraction of wood carver Daniel D. Ziegler’s phallic art goes far
beyond eroticism. To experience it is to have ones own creative and
healing energies released. Gaze upon it, feel it, hold it, and you
cannot deny it’s attraction, it’s appeal, it’s power. Such is the nature
of his work.

Ziegler, using a variety of hard and soft woods, allows each piece to
speak to him as he is creating it. Applying his skills, he encourages
the wood’s natural features--such as its grain--full expression; and
thus the unique energy and beauty of each piece of wood is released.
Each then is finished with a natural oil finish to further enhance and
preserve its beauty.


The Serpent

In the Judeo-Christian tradition we are taught that the serpent, or
snake, represents evil. The Biblical story of creation depicts Satan,
the devil, as taking on the form of a snake and tempting Eve to eat of
the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Thus most of us fear, or at
least dislike snakes.

The Genesis version of creation, however, is a condensed and
slightly altered account of much earlier writings of the Sumerians
(early Babylonians) that predate the Bible by thousands of years. The
Sumerians viewed the serpent as a friend and benefactor of mankind.

According to Sumerian writings, human-beings were created (today
we would say genetically engineered) by a race of technically
advanced space travelers who came to planet earth and called
themselves gods. Homo-sapiens were created as slaves to carry on
menial work. Although instilled with spirit, making them rational and
smarter than animals in order to be able to carry on their work, the
information regarding their true origin and divine nature was withheld
from them. In Genesis this information is symbolized by the Tree of
Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. It was feared that if
mankind gained knowledge of himself and came to the realization
that he was a slave, he would rebel. Man was thus created by the
“gods”, given a beautiful garden in which to live, but forbidden to eat
the fruit of certain trees, that is, to seek certain knowledge of himself.

One of the members of the creator race, Enki, began to take a liking
to these human-beings and began to feel sorry for them. Wanting see
them free, he encouraged them to seek knowledge of themselves--to
seek enlightenment. When they did as he suggested, however, and
ate of the fruit, they were removed from the garden and stripped of
their privileges. Their helpful friend was punished and given the name
Prince of Darkness, and depicted as a serpent and the enemy of

The Genesis version of the story of creation carries on the tradition of
the creator race’s depiction of the snake as evil, and today we are
still influenced by that interpretation. The good-heartedness of
mankind’s friend, who encouraged seeking enlightenment, was
recognized and appreciated by the Sumerians, however, and is not
totally forgotten today. Many modern cultures as well as our American
Medical Society, still use the serpent as a symbol enlightenment and

The Phallus

Since the earliest of times, the phallus has been celebrated as the
symbol of fertility and vitality. It is only in our modern western culture,
where our religions have vastly strayed from nature, that the phallus is
much maligned. Yet, there are cultures even today that host
ceremonies (Hounen Matsuri) dedicated to the erect male penis.

The penis or phallus, is the male organ of penetration, and it is the
very act of penetration itself that lies behind every act of creation,
every discovery and every accomplishment. In nature, the roots of a
plant penetrate the ground and the leaves penetrate the air. In our
everyday world, a shovel digging into ground to lay a foundation, a
plow turning over the farmer’s soil, a nail being hammered into a
board, the brush of an artist dipping into paint, an antenna probing
the airwaves and a rocket hurling into space, are all acts of
penetration. It is no wonder then that the phallus, the organ of
penetration that begins human life and is so universally emulated, is
so highly regarded that it is often used as the symbol of life itself.

The Serpent and the Phallus

Combining the serpent with the phallus into a single application such
as a walking stick, ceremonial staff or ritual wand takes advantage of
all the power of healing and enlightenment available to us. It thus
becomes a healing instrument--to be looked at, touched, held or
passed from hand to hand--such as in a meditation circle. The power
felt is as endless as our ability and our willingness to heal ourselves.
Its symbolism is universal and its beauty appreciated everywhere.

One final note: As a result of our negative sexual attitude based on
centuries of sexual repression, most people's first and often very
visible reaction to seeing the healing stick for the first time is one of
being startled or embarrassed. This is an indication that healing is
certainly needed in this area. If your first reaction to seeing the phallus
was one of surprise or embarrassment--in any way, let the healing
begin at that point. Simply allow your issues to surface and be healed
as you gaze upon the stick seeing nothing but its beauty.
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