"You are obsessed with sex--either trying to promote it or trying to
prevent it"

By Pazzi Wan

YOU OFTEN SPEAK OF YOURSELVES as "spiritual beings having a human
experience," and while this is true, you would be more accurate in your thinking
if you referred to yourselves as 'spiritual beings having a sexual experience.'

Consider the possibility that sexuality is the main reason for the human
experience, the reason spiritual beings, in general, incarnate in human form.
Remember, without physicality, spirit cannot experience the sex act so taking
on a physical body is necessary for this. Think about it: You come into the
physical world as a result of the sexual act and you procreate through the very
same act. Nothing speaks more clearly to the magnificence of human sexuality
than the fact that it's used to create human life; and it reasonably follows, then,
that a major reason for the human experience is to experience the
magnificence of sexuality. When you get this, you will stop degrading the sexual
experience and you will begin to experience and enjoy it much differently.

Because it is what you came here to experience, sex will always continue to be
a dominant part of your lives, as it is now, but when you begin to see it in a
more positive way, you will no longer let it control you. If you don't think it
controls you now, look around you. It controls virtually every aspect of your lives.
You are obsessed with sex, either trying to promote it or to prevent it. The
advertising industry is just one example of promoting it. Your most successful
(and often most harmful) products are sold to you through, and contain, sex
appeal. Your television is one of the media used for this, yet on this same TV
you are not permitted to view a mother nursing her baby because the bare
breast is associated with sex, thus an example your efforts to prevent sex. Yes,
it controls you.

The problem is that you have a negative attitude toward sexuality, therefore,
your sex controls you in negative ways. You are experiencing the dark and
shadowy side of your sexuality which is often fosters anger, frustration,
low-self-esteem, violence and even illness.

Now, when you finally accept that the reason you came here in the first place is
to experience sexuality, you will look at it much differently. You will see it as a
gift to experience as pleasure and joy. It will continue to be a dominant force in
your lives, as it does now--because that is the very reason you came here--but
you will be in control of it. This will allow you to experience it in positive ways
and evolve through it in its many layers--from purely physical to highly spiritual.

This will come about when you are allowed to begin your experience with your
sexuality as children and as you are taught, early on, to appreciate and to enjoy
it. One thing you will be taught, for instance, and encouraged to do, is to
masturbate. Masturbation is a fundamental sex act and it is the primary sex act
since it is your first experience with your sexuality. A new attitude toward this
practice is what will keep sex from being expressed as a violent outbursts of
frustration and anger as it so often is done now among your young people (as
well as to prevent unwanted pregnacies). A healthy positive attitude and
practice of masturbation, even in, and especially in, relationships, will keep sex
in the proper perspective throughout all your lives and much of the frustration,
anger and low self-esteem associated with your sex drive now will no longer
exist. This new attitude toward masturbation in particular and your sexuality in
general will go a long way in curing many of your social ills.

Throughout your lives, then, you will experience the many facets or layers of
sexuality, from pure physical to highly spiritual, from self-love to loving another;
and you will take as long as you want--as many lifetimes as you need--to feel
complete in the sexual experience. Having done that, your soul will choose to
move on to bring yet another new experience to your Divine Creator. Until then,
you are human beings, yes, but more--you are spiritual beings having sexual

Enjoy and celebrate! * * *

Copyright 2008 Daniel D. Ziegler
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