"The fact that this sacred shape has been chosen to deliver our
sexuality indicates the sacredness and the significance of sex."

PENIS: The Shape of Things to Come
By Daniel D. Ziegler

Have you ever looked closely at a penis, I mean REALLY looked at it, studied
it? If we allow ourselves to get past the embarrassment, shame, guilt and
judgment connected with our sexuality that sometimes prevents us from
taking a close look at such things, we see that the shape of the penis is truly
fascinating--particularly, the glans, or the head. But not just the penis, the tip
of the clitoris as well. They are very similar--the clitoris is just smaller and
more difficult to see. The shape of the penis is absolutely amazing,
compelling even alluring. The mere art of it draws our attention--both men’s
and women’s. It’s simplicity, its complexity, its beauty draws us; and then
somewhere deep inside, below the level of most of our culturally negative
influenced conscious thinking, it leaves us wondering why it’s shaped the way
it is.

But I had to know why, and so I asked the Universe to show me--and It did.
Not all at once, just a little bit at a time, and I probably don’t have all the
answers yet, but what I have I’ll share, so follow me.

Looking at the shape of the head and tracing around the edge, following the
curves, and knowing the purpose that it serves--procreation and pleasure--it
was telling me that the secrets of the Universe are held within its shape. Part
of me questioned that revelation, but I knew it was true. I just knew it. In your
mind, isolate that shape and trace around it, and let it speak to you. You’ll see
what I mean, the secrets of the Universe ARE within it.

Functionally, during intercourse, it acts like a round squeegee on the end of a
plunger making sure the sexual fluids are forced deeply into the womb where
conception can take place. With the in-stroke--thrust--the gentle rim pushes
fluids inward, and on the out-stroke--withdrawal--it gathers the fluids along the
back edge of the rim allowing them to be led by gravity down around to the
bottom groove to be pushed in again by the next thrust. From an engineering
standpoint, it is perfect. But then again, nature always is.

But I knew there had to be more to its secrets. After all, sex isn’t just for
procreation. Simply put, it’s about pleasure and love too. It’s about coming
together, and all that leads up to coming together--all the junk we go through,
all the fears we overcome and finally, the love that we feel when we are finally
able to penetrate the barriers that have kept us apart. What does the penis
have to say about that? What can we learn about sexuality, or even about
ourselves, from its shape?

Let’s start with a geometric shape called the cardioid shape. It appears
throughout nature. It is basically a heart without a point. Leaves of many
plants, such as a lily pad, are often are that shape. The cross-section of the
stems of many plants are also cardioid shaped. Some shell fish have that
shape, and many other living organisms contain the cardioid shape
somewhere within their structure. It is a basic shape in nature, and this fact
seems to speak of its importance. I’m sure there is more significance to the
shape than that and students of sacred geometry, I’m sure, could add to it.

To generate a cardioid on paper is simple. Just trace one point on the edge
of a circle as you rotate it around the perimeter of another circle of the same
size. Another way is simply to cut out a heart and trim off the point.

Now imagine with me for a minute--or better yet, cut one out of a piece of
paper, and forming it into a cone, join the two edges together where the curve
is the sharpest, where the heart forms a groove. What you should have is a
slightly flattened version of the head of the penis, and on a smaller scale, the
clitoris. The most sensitive parts of our sexual organs are cardioid in shape.
So simple yet containing so much mystery, and to further examine it
mysteriousness, let us get theoretical for a few minutes.

The following is no doubt oversimplified, but only for the purpose of
understanding it. In chaos theory, there is an equation that marks the point
where chaos meets order, a point where chaos turns suddenly to order. It’s
like a theoretical membrane that separates chaos and order; and there is a
particular mathematical equation that scientists have discovered that
represents that point. Now, simple equations can easily be plotted on a
graph so we can see the shape that they represent. If you had high school
algebra, you may remember plotting simple or even quadratic equations. We
got straight lines or fancy curves, or whatever. This equation, in chaos theory,
however, is quite complex and could not be plotted until we developed high-
speed computers. When this equation was finally plotted, the shape that it
generated was named a
Mandelbrot Set. It belongs to a group of shapes
called fractals, and they basically repeat themselves infinitely as the
computer zooms in or zooms out.

The basic shape behind the Mandelbrot Set is the cardioid shape and as
was said earlier, it is basically a heart without a point. So, if you can imagine
a cardioid, a heart without a point, around whose perimeter are connected
other smaller cardioids and around them still smaller cardioids, basically, you
have a Mandelbrot Set. Zooming in to any portion of its perimeter, you will
see smaller cardioids upon even smaller cardioids upon smaller cardioids,
etc.; or, zooming out, you will see the pattern repeated ad infinitum.

The real remarkable thing about the Mandelbrot Set is, that theoretically, if
you alter one small part of it, you are making that alteration to every part of it.
It’s holographic in that respect--the whole is contained in all its parts. Change
one part and you’ve changed them all. Now what does this have to do with
the penis and clitoris, or more generally, with sexuality?

The Divine Creator, the Universe, or what ever you want to call the Creative
Force, has chosen this shape for the organs through which we express our
sexuality. This shape, that represents the point between chaos and order, is
used to deliver our sexuality, and so it represents the point of the ultimate
coming together as human beings. When people overcome their fears of
each other and of coming together and agree to have sex, then the point
between fear and love is crossed, the same point that represents crossing
from chaos to order; and so love becomes the ultimate order of the Universe.

The fact that this sacred shape has been chosen to deliver our sexuality
indicates the sacredness and the significance of sexuality. Our sexuality can
be looked upon, therefore, as our highest physical expression possible. Sex
is the integration of Nature and the Divine and thus, each sexual act, alone or
with others, affects the whole Universe, or more correctly, taps into the
Universal power. Realizing this, we can see that our sexuality is certainly not
something over which to be embarrassed, shameful, guilty or judgmental.
Rather, it is to shared, enjoyed even celebrated.

Think about that the next time you look at a penis--and really look at it. * * *

Copyright 2008 Daniel D. Ziegler
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