Are you NCV Positive?


This notice is to inform you of another not-so-new virus that has been
working its way around the Internet apparently for some time now. Unlike
most computer viruses, however, this one seems benign in that it does
not cause any damage to hardware, software or files, and in fact it may
be beneficial to many computer users.  It is known as the NAKED
COMPUTER VIRUS. It works through your computer affecting you but
leaving your computer completely unaltered. Its effect is to cause you to
want to work at your computer completely naked.

It has been discovered that what many of you may have thought of as an
unacceptable urge (that for some may indeed have turn into a seemingly
disgusting habit) is caused by a computer virus that may in actuality be a
boon to your creativity. Since creativity depends heavily on the free
circulation of blood between the brain--the center of thinking, and the
genitals--the center for creating, creativity is enhanced when the blood
flow between the brain and the genitals is unimpaired by belts, straps or
any restrictive clothing.  

So, if you are one of these people that have taken up the habit of sitting
nude at your computer, rest assured that it is not caused by any
personality disorder you have brought on by bad genes or whatever.  It is
caused by a pc virus that is completely undetectable, over which you
have no control, and,
for which there is no known cure. Your PC is
NCP-positive and there is nothing  anti-vurus software can do. The best
way to deal with it is to place a printed copy of this notice over your desk
and continue working feverishly turning out your best work.   ***
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