The blissful feeling of being nude outdoors must be a little
like what it feels like to be an angel.

When we begin to unashamedly look at our bodies, we will have
begun to see beyond them--to our true Identity, where
our Wholeness lies.

Each time one participates in nudism the ecstasy seems new
and unbelievable, because the extent of the feeling is so
immense that the memory cannot grasp its magnitude.

Naked people was God’s idea...Thank you, God!

Nudists know instinctively that their lifestyle is physically,
mentally and spiritually healthy.

Social nudism reminds us of all that was once good--and again
could be.

While nudity remains the essential ingredient in the nudist
community, it is so natural that it often begins to feel
incidental after just a few minutes.

“I’ve never seen so many people with such beautiful eyes.” --
Jacqui, with her first visit to a nudist park.

Social nudism offers an opportunity to deprogram the mind,
making healing and growth possible.

To those who practice social nudism, the benefits are self-

Social nudism can be a new frontier along your path of self-

Nudity is to the body as meditation is to the mind.

Behind every nudist smile is a story of courage and healing.

It’s relaxing to be around people who like themselves.

“I like being nude because you don’t have to worry about what
you look like.” —Jamie, age 9.

Nudism, paradoxically, takes the emphasis off the body.

The difference between ‘clothes-less’ and ‘less clothes’ is by
comparison the same as the difference between ‘lust-free’
and ‘free lust’.

People undressing at a nudist park for the first time are, in a
sense, waking up to who they really are.

To learn who we really are, the nudist experience is
elementary but essential.

Nudists are clothed in the fabric of freedom woven of honesty
and acceptance.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone and into a nudist park for
the first time is no less than a willingness to give up
something familiar for the possibility of something better.

Whatever else you may find at a nudist park, you’ll find
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Reclaiming Acceptance of our Original State