"...I find that it is the best time to pray because the very nature of
having an orgasm requires total surrender..."

By Daniel D. Ziegler

Medibation or medibating, as the term implies, combines the practice of
meditation and masturbation. I first heard of the term through the work of Annie
Sprinkle, famous sex film star and sex educator. She refers to her own spiritual
work and practice of medibation in some of her written work as well as in her
film Masturbation Memoirs and her video Herstory of Porn. While I discovered
the name medibation just a couple years ago, I had discovered the process
several years earlier, and so when I first read and saw Annie's work, I knew
precisely what she was talking about.

I had discover this practice quite by accident. While masturbation had been
part of my life since a teenager, I had never taken it beyond the “it just feels
good” sex-play stages. Likewise, I had practiced meditation for probably a
good ten years, and it had led me to many peaceful moments as well as many
insights. But until then, the two experiences had been quite separate--or so I
thought. What was probably happening was that a process was unfolding
whereby the two would necessarily come together.

The two practices, masturbation and meditation, came together in my
conscious mind while I was writing an article about my experience with an
obscure Dr. Seuss book called The Seven Lady Godivas. I had been working
slowly on the piece, writing, rewriting, etc. for a couple weeks and during this
time, I began my days, as usual, with the same morning ritual I had practiced for
a number of years. I would wake up early, have a cup of coffee and slowly
masturbate to orgasm, then go back to sleep to enjoy those following twenty
minutes or so of totally relaxing post-orgasmic bliss before getting up and
starting my day. During the time I was working on this piece of writing, however,
my mind would not just randomly drift off during my post-orgasm high as it
usually had done, but rather, I would find myself thinking about what I had written
the previous day.

But it was more than just thinking about it. I would actually see the typed pages
it in front of me as I dozed. The pages would scroll down past my field of vision
and I could see the printed words on the pages. Occasionally the scrolling
would stop and the page would zoom in so I could get a closer look. Whenever
that would occur, there was always something there that needed to be changed
or rewritten. Once I made a mental note of the needed correction, the scrolling
would resume.

This process would not occupy the entire twenty minute session of post
orgasmic bliss, just a portion of it. The rest of the time I would find myself either
reliving my Seven Lady Godiva experience and composing the next section to
be written, or I would be thinking about and gaining helpful insights and
direction into some other matter that I needed to attend to that day.

During this time of writing this piece, I consciously became aware of this
process and began to look forward to it each morning. I finished the piece in
about three weeks and it remains one that I am proud of. I continue to use this
process now, and it has led me to incredible insights--all the while bringing a lot
of pleasure too.

My practice of medibation today, however, goes farther now than it did in the
earlier days. Today it includes far more than daily problem solving. It brings me
many insights into my purpose for being on this planet as well as a sense of
Oneness to everything. But one of the most important parts of it is prayer. I find
that it is the best time to pray because the very nature of having an orgasm
requires total surrender. It is in that mind-set, then, that we can offer our
prayers--most of all, prayers of gratitude--beginning with gratitude for sex itself,
and then, for all of life. Perhaps that is the greatest insight that has come to me
through medibation--GRATITUDE.

Copyright 2008 Daniel D. Ziegler
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