A Challenge

From ancient times to the present it has been, and is, the belief of many that
Earth is a select place--a planet of the grand experiment of Polarity
Integration where Light and Dark come together.* As such, it is believed that
many individuals, as well as groups of souls, have come here to work out their
differences. This can be supported by the fact that we see differences being
played out everyday at various levels and in various ways from personal
relationships and race relations to religious differences and international
conflicts. Accordingly, the goal is often to settle long endured conflicts which,
in some cases, have destroyed whole civilizations and even planets.

Starseeds, walk-ins, wanderers and other lightworkers are what we often call
"old souls" who have come from various dimensions and who have agreed to
come here to aid in the process of integration. They are usually on personal
healing missions of their own of various kinds all of which are designed to
serve all mankind during the process. Thus, healing takes place on multiple
levels, in layers, if you will.

Walk-ins often have a basic understanding of why they are here, but in the
case of starseeds, wanderers and lightworkers, there often is little or no
memory of their past or why they are here. This must be discovered by them.
But for all four groups, training is often necessary to accomplish this--first, to
discover that they are on a mission, and secondly, what that mission is and
thirdly, how to accomplish it. Guides and following intuition play an important
part in discovery process.

Since all four types come in as apparently 'normal' human beings as part of
'normal' society, they often develop the same dysfunctional thinking and
behavioral patterns as everyone else. In order to successfully get on with their
missions, however, they must address these issues and learn new ways of
thinking and behavior which they can then help introduce to the rest of society.
This is a challenge because working with such emotions as
anger versus
compassion, often involves digging through many layers of old thinking and
behavior and making changes. This is tough work, indeed, but it is through
this work that our so-called junk DNA is actually reconnected and reactivated
and we evolve.

Adding to the difficulty often involves determining and recognizing
dysfunctional thinking patterns and behaviors which are counter-productive to
an evolving soul or society yet need to be addressed. These are often
neglected or overlooked and often do not even come up in the normal
conversations about personal or spiritual growth. We take some behaviors
for granted or ignore them entirely either because we do not recognize them
as debilitating and limiting OR because we are simply afraid to address them
for reasons such as "what will others think?" It is in not dealing with such
issues, however, that we may be left ineffective and stuck in our overall
mission and not even know why.

Such is the case with the issues of body acceptance and sexuality. Our
western religions, in their efforts to control us through manipulating our
thinking about ourselves, have been successful in separating Nature from the
Divine in our minds. We are led to believe that Nature, of which our bodies
and sexuality are a part, is evil and bad and our expression of them must be
restricted severely in order to keep them from interfering with our Divine side,
the part we are striving to reach.

Laws prohibiting nudity are based on the separation of Nature and the Divine.
That our bodies are evil and must be covered at all times is so ingrained in us
that we don't even consider, for instance, that such simple things as the
wearing of a bathing suit is not only needless but also serves as a
reinforcement of our shame, embarrassment and guilt over our bodies.
need to dress for concealment or adornment demonstrates a problem in
self-acceptance and a need for healing.
Healing is the process of integrating
our Natural and Divine aspects.

Shame, guilt and embarrassment over our nude bodies simply results from
living in a society where sexuality has been repressed as part of the
separation of Nature from the Divine. Laws prohibiting certain forms of sexual
expression, even among consensual partners, are examples of this
repression. Wilhelm Reich, Alfred Kinsey and others recognized that this is
an issue of momentous  proportions yet it is seldom addressed even among
the most renowned lightworkers today. Yet if we are here to integrate
polarities on the planet, we must address it and eventually see that
and the Divine are integrated through sex.**
 This does NOT mean we must
all become sexually promiscuous by any means, it just means that our bodies
and sexuality, over which we now have deep shame, embarrassment and
guilt issues, must be accepted--even
celebrated--just as they are, in order for
us to move beyond that blockage to our true potential.

Summing it up, here is the challenge presented to all lightworkers of any kind
Body acceptance and positive sexuality are an integral part of overall self-
acceptance and as such, are elementary and essential in our healing and
lie at the core of being effective lightworkers of any type.
In order for us to be
effective in learning and applying any of the heart virtues, such as
appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor,
we must first accept in totality our present form here on this planet--
. Without this as a base, our efforts contain little authenticity or
power and can actually be counter-productive.

Where does a lightworker look for training in body acceptance or in positive
sexuality? A good question but difficult to answer because there is very little
available. One needs to do a lot on their own and a good and convenient
place to start would be to go to the
Home Page of this site and download the
free book
Naked Before God and then continue on by reading the other
articles and links on the site such a  
The Gift of Sex. From there, if something
triggers your interest, follow your intuition and you will be guided to what you
need. What got you to this point will carry you further.***

Further training will become available simply because it is needed. As others
see the need, programs will be developed and become viable. As new
sources become available, they will be included. In the meantime, do not
underestimate self-training.

Note: In an effort to keep this page to a reasonable length, much of the information
presented is sketchy. For explanations and further information on integration, walk-
ins, wanderers, starseeds and lightworkers, etc. See the Recommended Reading list

** An interesting note, too, is that, as in sex,
integration often begins with some sort
of penetration.

Note: People often find one of two things happening at this point, either  they are
drawn to the material or they find it somewhat repulsive it. Both can be an indication
of needed work in this area.

* Partial Recommended Reading list: (Note: There are many good books available
on various related topics. This short list will serve as a starting point for the
interested reader.)

    From Elsewhere: Being E.T. in America by Scott Mandelker
    Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara
    Welcome to Planet Earth: A Guide for Walk-Ins, Starseeds and
    Lightworkers of All Varieties by Hannah Beaconsfield
    Awakening to Zero Point : The Collective Initiation by Gregg Braden
    Walking Between the Worlds : The Science of Compassion by Gregg
    Twelfth Planet: Book I of the Earth Chronicles (or any of The Earth
    Chronicles Series by Zecharia Sitchin
    The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light  by
    Barabara Hand Clow
    SEX MATTERS by Osho (How sexuality relates to spirituality)
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Reclaiming Acceptance of our Original State
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At the basis of
LESS-ONS For Truth lies the belief that
shame, embarrassment and guilt over our bodies and our
sexuality are responsible for many of the social ills in the
world today and by simply healing ourselves, we will go a
long way toward a peaceful world. This page was created to
show how the
LESS-ONS concept of body acceptance and
positive sexuality would apply to a particular and growing
movement whose leaders and followers feel they have
specific knowledge of how humankind fits into a larger
picture of the cosmos. The views of that movement
expressed here may not always be consistent with various
factions of the movement and are not necessarily the views
of the creator of
LESS-ONS For Truth.
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