"We have lived our lives separating the two most important
parts of ourselves for too long...."

The Holy Body
My Personal Affirmation
By Rev. Goddess Charmaine

I am beautiful and healthy. My body has a glow that shines, and my face is
ageless. My smile brightens my face even more and my eyes sparkle and
connect deeply to whatever and whomever I choose to see. Darkness and
pain are released from others when they look into my eyes and experience
peace and happiness.

My breasts are firm and stimulate growth. My belly is sexy with the rhythms
of life within me. My hips, butt and thighs are strong and firm, and support
my balance on the Earth Mother. I am healthy and whole, and my womb is
perfect, functioning on Divine Time for sexual and spiritual enlightenment.
My legs and feet are blessed, for they keep me able to go out doing
God/Goddess’ perfect will.

The power is yours! Your body is the Vehicle!

It has all been given to you! Your divine gift of prosperity is manifested
through your sexual/spiritual selves. Through Love!

We have suffered shame and guilt for two millennial believing sex to be a
sin, that sex should never be considered spiritual or sacred. So why is it
that married couples must have their "honeymoon"? There are countless
rituals to suggest the act of sex is powerful and very much needed, just
never openly shared as Divine!

Well, I’m here to speak for the Goddess. I will speak for those of you who
know better but aren’t sure how to say or "pray" it. In the Holy Bible, in Song
of Solomon, Solomon states in Chapter 8, Verse 6:

"Love is as powerful as death; passion is as strong as death itself."

It is noted that sexual energy is the strongest drive within us. This is the
energy that fuels anything else we (God/Goddess) choose to do (create).
The Body stands as a Temple. You must come back into your body for
balance. Have you ever heard people say, "You’re so spiritual, you're no
earthly good?" We have lived our lives separating the two most important
parts of ourselves for too long.

You have been lied to. We must unite Sex and Spirit. Stop the vicious cycle
of endless lifetimes of suffering. Search to know your self. Stand up and
take back your body and your power and bring God/Goddess together
again! This is a radical move for Harmony and Peace. It is needed
because of the severe damage we have done in ignorance. We have
defiled our bodies by rape, incest, physical abuse and denial. We lose out
every time we love another sexually and do not honor the God/Goddess
within others and ourselves. Look in the mirror at yourself. How do you feel?
Look and see what your body shows you. Who are you?

Turn "fucking" into its better "other" meaning: passionate/Divine sexual
inter-union. Watch your life change for the better! I've done it. My body is my
best friend. It knows it and shows it. Help your body to show your truth too. I
can wield my Divine God/Goddess power for Prosperity! Love yourself so
much. Break the Curse! Break free and lift your self up spiritually. Know that
this is TRUTH. I stand as an example of how you can transcend. I share my
Soul and my Body for Spiritual understanding for all!

I love for the spirituality of others. Thanks to the powers that be…to
God/Goddess, All That Is!
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