"Sex is, in fact, the integration of Nature and the Divine, and
thus as your body/spirit connection, your sexuality is meant to
be exercised, enjoyed, even celebrated."

By Pazzi Wan

Your view of your sexuality in your culture is clouded by shame, embarrassment
and guilt resulting from centuries of negative influence by political/religious
institutions that have a vested interest in how you think and behave. And
because of the limited view, your expression of your sexuality is suppressed
within some and with others, dark and distorted, often driven by frustration and
anger and consisting of secret, hurried, clandestine and sometimes violent acts
having little or nothing to do with love of one another or love of yourselves.

The effects of your negative attitude toward your sexuality are far greater than
any of you imagine and they encompass virtually every aspect of your lives, thus
preventing you from realizing your full human potential--both individually and

As you begin to realize that your attitude toward your sexuality is shrouded in
shame, embarrassment and guilt, you will begin to see that this attitude stems
from your view of God; and you will realize that your view of God must
necessarily be clouded as well--clouded in fear. You will see that this fear of
God has been imposed on you by the religious institutions that have
implemented rules, restrictions and moral codes that have limited you in your
sexual behavior and expression--and indeed, in your entire range of human

But could an all-loving God have given you something so wonderful as sex and
then restricted its expression through rules and laws that are virtually impossible
to keep? And would It then punish you for violating those rules? Can God be
both that loving and that cruel? Of course not. But there are, indeed, other
outside influences, literally from other worlds, behind your religious institutions,
that have distorted your concept of God for their purposes.

A correction of your thinking will come from nothing less than complete
questioning of your old teachings and beliefs of God, and this will eventually
lead to a complete paradigm shift--a shift from your old fearful view of God to a
new and trusting one.

You can begin examining these old teachings, along with their origins, by
looking outside of your own particular scriptures and examining the writings that
predate them. Learn of the very identities of the sources of these teachings, and
their motives, and thus question everything you have been taught about God.
And, finally, challenge all you’ve ever learned about your sexuality. Only
complete questioning of the old paradigm will enable you to escape its negative

Once your old belief system has been found in error and is set aside giving you
the freedom to determine your new beliefs and practices based on your own
experiences, a new and fresh concept of an all-loving, nonjudgmental God will
emerge. This concept will include an understanding, indeed, an appreciation,
that your sexuality is a gift from God. Sex is, in fact, the integration of Nature
and the Divine, and thus as your body/spirit connection, your sexuality is meant
to be exercised, enjoyed, even celebrated. This healthier attitude and
expression of your sexuality, along with your newfound view of an all-loving God,
will lead you, then, to the fullest expression of your true human potential.

One final and necessary step remains--forgiveness--the recognition that this
whole process has been a gift from those whom you thought controlled you; that
God’s understanding of the final outcome--your growth as well as theirs--was
the reason the whole process was initiated in the first place.

A celebration is in order. * * *

Copyright 2008 Daniel D. Ziegler
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