By Daniel D. Ziegler

I must have been about 15 so it was probably 1960. I had had wet dreams and
I knew about masturbation but could not get it to work for me. Stroking always
made my penis sore, and I would just get more frustrated each time I tried it.

Now, I had always been an innovative child so I could always figure out how to
do whatever it was I wanted to do. One summer day, really horny, I got the idea
that if greased up my penis with Vaseline, it might work. I was sitting on the
side of my bed, alone in the house, and through my bedroom window, I could
see my mother in the garden. I greased up and slowly started rubbing my
penis. God, it felt good. I started sliding my grip up and down my penis and I
remember it feeling different than anything before. In a short time, I reached a
point where I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to. Then I started to feel like
something was going to happen. I could feel something happening inside and
it felt wonderful, and I couldn't control it--nor did I want to. Then there was sort
of silent explosion inside, and then spasms--one right after the other, five or
six, as I shot spurts of thick white semen way out across the floor. Wow! I was
so excited! It finally worked, and I suddenly I felt I was a man. After I caught my
breath and had a chance to ponder the puddle on the floor, I wanted to holler
out the window, "Ma, I just jacked off." ...but of course, I didn't.

I had a lot of wonderful thoughts the rest of the day and the days that followed,
one in particular was that I would never have to feel that frustration again
because I now knew a 'fantastic' way to relieve it. That was comforting and
exhilarating. Another, of course, that I was no longer a child; I was a man.

I still think of that experience today at age 64. Masturbation is such a
wonderful experience and we all need to honor it. Children should be able to
come to their parents with the news that they just jacked off or had an orgasm,
just as they share when they lost their first tooth or hit their first home run. Let's
work toward a world with a new attitude toward sexuality where children can
do just that and not be embarrassed or shameful or feel guilt over their

Since that day, I have been enjoying my sexuality. I don't shoot quite as far as I
did at fifteen, but I don't I have to use Vaseline either; however, it feels just as
good; and my fascination and the newness has never gone away. I still thank
my Creator each time.

Copyright 2008 Daniel D. Ziegler
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