"...the work I've done with myself in this area has resulted in a
gain of confidence even greater than when I took the Dale
Carnegie course."


By Daniel D. Ziegler

Anal fisting, that is taking a fist up one's anus and rectum, seems like a very
freakish activity but I will fill you in on the very healing process I experienced on
the way to actually experiencing it. In many ways, that process was more
helpful and exciting than actually being fisted, and like a number of my
experiences in life, I was not anticipating the healing and spiritual aspects of it
when I got started. These came as quite a surprise  but a welcome surprise.

First, I think there are many approaches to finding and releasing blockages in
our personalities or psyches which can be helpful. Past lives regression,
hypnotism, journaling and writing, etc., etc., etc.  are just some of the various
practices for instance.

Another that is seldom used or even thought of has to do with a form of
bodywork. Many people are no doubt familiar with massage therapy and know
that our muscular system stores emotional memories of early life experiences
which have not been properly dealt with and can be holding us back. Once
they are triggered through bodywork and come up, we can allow ourselves to
feel them and process them even though we may not know of the exact nature
of the original incident. There is a tremendous amount of relief that can be
found in this therapy. I was first introduced to this when a woman was giving
me a massage and started rubbing my belly. For no reason I started balling. I
did not know what was going on but she encouraged me to let it out. So I did.
Later she explained the process to me.

One of the areas of massage that is, in my opinion--and I speak from personal
experience here too--is overlooked, is anal massage. I can honestly say that
the work I've done with myself in this area has resulted in a gain of confidence
even greater than when I took the Dale Carnegie course. That is saying a lot.

The anal sphincter muscles are the first to tense up whenever we face any
tense situation, yet because we are taught from childhood on that this is a dirty
and nasty area, we pay little attention to it except for the most basic hygiene.
The tension from these childhood trauma incidents is stored in these muscles
but seldom gets released. We literally sit on them.

I first became interested in this aspect of body work a number of years ago
when I picked up a GOOD VIBRATIONS catalogue and thumbing through it, I
came across an entry that said "Fisting". What the hell is that? I wondered.
Thinking it probably had to do with stuffing a fist in a vagina, I read on. It turned
out what they were referring to as much as pussies were assholes. Now they
really had my attention. A hand up a butt? Hmmmmm! I had to learn about that.
I picked up a couple more books:
Jack Moran and
TRUST: The Handbook by Bert Herman and I did my
homework. Then I started to work on myself.

Starting out with very small butt plugs and slowly working up through a variety
of store-bought toys and homemade gizmos and even eventually the top end
of a bowling pin, I worked for about a year leaning how to relax and open up.  

It was during that year that I went through several phases of strong emotions
coming up. Now, knowing what was going on, I worked with them as long as
necessary until I no longer felt them. Some I could attach to early childhood
incidents, others I could not. After many of these sessions I felt physically
drained yet very relaxed. I also felt more confident in myself than I had in many
years even though I had been working with the public quite a bit and didn't
seem to be lacking confidence. I was surprised at how good I felt after these
sessions. I also felt very thirsty and hungry.

It was after that first year, with a little help from an old nudist friend whom liked
butts, that I actually had my first fisting experience. It seemed like graduation
or initiation of sorts.

Later, after all this, I also found two videos by a guy named Erik Maynard on
External Anal Massage and one on Internal Anal Massage. He covered the
very things that I had experienced.

Here is one more experience I'll share having to do with another person. For a
short time, I guess about six weeks in my travels, I stayed with a very ornery
woman who had MS. She could barely walk with a walker and had been in this
condition for several years. Her physical therapy barely kept her at this level of
activity. To make a long story short, I told her about my anal massage
experiences and offered to work on her if she was willing.

She was and I did.

I worked with her a little bit everyday, going very slowly. I never was able to
penetrate with more than two fingers, but one night she said she felt tingling
going down her legs where she had had no sensations before. That was the
start. A couple weeks later, one evening as I was sitting watching TV, she
walked from her kitchen to her living room with a bowl of cereal in one hand
and a cup of coffee in the other. I cried.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it (Remember I
said she was an ornery woman? That is an gross understatement.) I left and
she quickly went back to her old condition and even got worse. She eventually
talked a surgeon into performing a colostomy on her so she wouldn’t have to
make trips to the bathroom. My conclusion is that the anal therapy really did
help a great deal, but a person really has to want to be healed in order to
actually be healed. I don't believe she really did, as she was getting a lot of
mileage out of her condition, in terms of sympathy and help. (She incidentally
was my second fisting experience but I will not again allow such a negative
person put anything of theirs in my body. Talk about bad vibes, whew!)

Our butts truly are the seat of our emotions and the therapy can be very
healing and spiritual.

Copyright 2008 Daniel D. Ziegler
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