By Daniel D. Ziegler

"Nudity frees the body as meditation frees the mind...."


THE HUMAN-POTENTIAL MOVEMENT offers hope for the human race.
Perhaps more than anything else, the very existence of such a large
movement demonstrates humankind's desire to survive, grow and evolve.
With its millions of people involved in self-discovery, personal and spiritual
growth, in its many facets, the human-potential movement offers hope of
mankind's ultimate success in avoiding self-destruction and reaching an age
of enlightenment.

As opposed to other periods in history, such as the age of scientific
discovery or the industrial revolution, when mankind has looked outward for
causes and solutions of its problems and answers to its questions, mankind
is starting to direct the quest inward, toward self, thus beginning to accept
responsibility for its present state of affairs as well as its future well-being.
We are beginning to realize that perhaps the answers we seek lie within us.
As evidenced in our book stores, there seems to be a shift occurring in which
we are becoming interested not only in how to make a living, but also how to
live. Whole sections of book stores are devoted to healing, self-help, self-
discovery, recovery, new-age, spiritual growth, wellness, etc., indicating that
wisdom and insight are becoming just as important to readers as knowledge
and facts. Perhaps the human-potential movement is evidence of mankind's
readiness and willingness to learn how to get along with itself. Perhaps by
going inward and learning about ourselves, we can and will learn about each
other. Perhaps we will learn that we are not different and separate, but that
we do indeed emerge from the same Essence and that only by truly loving
ourselves, can we love each other.

Self-discovery and growth are as much about unlearning, though, as about
learning who we are. Indeed, to grow we must shed many old ideas,
concepts and attitudes that once served us but no longer work and, in fact,
may be holding us back. Healing, self-discovery, personal and spiritual
growth have as much to do with letting go of the old as with recognizing and
accepting the new. These articles are about a lifestyle that offers much in the
way of healing, self-discovery and spiritual growth, most of which has to do
with unlearning and letting go. It is about a practice that in terms of
application and effectiveness can be compared to meditation--a mental
exercise of letting go. Anyone who has practiced meditation knows the
powerful affect of clearing the mind. Relaxation, a heightened sense of well-
being and often a greater awareness of our spiritual nature result. Group
meditation often brings the added awareness of our spiritual connection to
each other. The collective energy felt in a meditation circle can be

Nudity frees the body as meditation frees the mind, permitting us to be who
we are. Being comfortable with private nudity requires a certain level of self-
acceptance. Social nudity requires yet a higher level of self-acceptance, plus
it offers us the added benefit of being unconditionally accepted by others. It
allows us to relate to others without facades, pretentiousness or artificiality.
The resulting sense of well-being is beyond comparison. As is meditation,
nudism is one of the most powerful tools for healing, self-discovery and
spiritual growth available to anyone.

Nudism is a lifestyle that, in and of itself, not only fulfills all the criteria of a
'growth experience' but also serves as a beautiful metaphor. Indeed, the
shedding of our clothes is a metaphor for shedding attitudes and perceptions
that may no longer be needed or appropriate, while accepting our God-given
bodies is symbolic of learning who we are at levels yet to be experienced.

Nudism has much to offer in the way of growth, but it is seldom thought of in
those terms. Unfortunately, stemming from our society's puritanical views of
the human body and sexuality, nudism is one of the least understood
practices in our society--often falsely associated with promiscuous sexual
behavior. Misconceptions, such as these, coupled with a general lack of
reliable information, have kept nudism in the closet and out of consideration
as a legitimate form of recreation, therapy or spiritual practice. In spite of the
relatively small numbers, nudism also referred to as ‘social nudism’ or
‘naturism’ is actually one of the fastest growing movements in our country,
and according to a recent survey, nudism/naturism is the fastest growing
segment of the tourism in the world today.

For lack of a better word, I often refer to nudism as a 'lifestyle'. It is a lifestyle
for some, but for others it is only an occasional recreational practice, yet it
touches each deeply because in the very act of participating, one moves
beyond mainstream thinking to new personal frontiers. In these terms nudism
is really an attitude. But these articles are not really about a lifestyle, they are
about people, just as the human potential movement is about people. It is
about people being healed, people growing, about people discovering,
people experiencing, people remembering and mostly about people
reclaiming acceptance of their original state.

Nudism. Have you ever wanted to try it? If you have, you're not perverted and
you're certainly not alone. There are millions of people, like you, who have
fantasized about it, but so far have not taken the plunge. If an the other hand,
you've never really given it much thought, you also are not alone. Millions
simply don't know about it. These articles are intended for all of you. There
are probably two reasons why more people haven't tried nudism: 1) There is
a lack of good reliable information on what social nudism is all about and
where to practice it, and, 2) The many misconceptions about what social
nudism is, tend to scare people away before they even try it. In spite of its
continued growth, nudism remains one of this country's best kept secrets.

These articles are not intended to be a detailed nor complete picture of the
nudist lifestyle. They are, rather, glimpses--insights and experiences, by me
and other nudists--that will provide a safe and comfortable background on
which you, the reader, can fill in the details of your picture with your very own
experiences. I will not attempt to provide you with a pattern or formula of how
to experience nudism; as an individual, you will experience social nudism
according to your own perceptions. Please keep in mind, though, that it may
be so different from anything else you've experienced, that you may not yet
have a framework on which to hang it. And it may take some time for you to
process the experience and to interpret, describe or explain it, even to
yourself. At first, you may just feel ‘something’, ‘something’ you can't explain
but something quite good. Enjoy it, that's quite enough, and take your time.

If you've ever read a self-help book, attended a seminar or workshop, been in
recovery, seen a therapist, run a marathon, attended a twelve step meeting,
had a massage, gone to a psychic, practiced yoga, are a vegetarian,
meditated or in some way been involved with one or more of the hundreds of
activities associated with the human-potential movement, then this practice
may be for you. It can assist you in your growth. Whatever the reason you
have come to this site, it is not by accident. That I am writing these words and
that you are reading them and that through these articles we have been
brought together, is by divine order. Together perhaps we have already
reached spiritual puberty and have begun to understand and accept who we
are--spiritual beings having a human experience.

To me, and others, nudism has been a very powerful spiritual experience,
touching us at the deepest level of our souls and leaving us changed from the
first day we tried it. I hope these articles will shed some light on this lifestyle
that produces such a major shift in consciousness in those that try it and I
hope they will serve as a catalyst in encouraging you to make social nudism
one of the next steps in your unfoldment allowing you to experience what we
have felt.

If there is something in these articles that speaks to you, listen to them, but
more importantly listen to your own inner voice as it speaks to you. Free your
body and your mind and LISTEN, as together we begin to understand and
accept who we are.
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