By Daniel D. Ziegler


WELCOME HOME. You have traveled far to come to this place and
your journey has not been without peril and loneliness. But now, at
last, you are with friends with whom you can rest. Sit in the cool
grass, lie in the warm sun or bathe in the sparkling waters and soon
you will feel rested and refreshed. A feast is being prepared, and
soon you will be rejuvenated with nourishment for your body and soul.
When you are ready, come join with those of us who have arrived
before you and tell us of your many travels and adventures and of
what finally has brought you to this place. Tell us what language the
Universe speaks to you and what message It brings and share with
us your truth. Then sit back and listen as others share theirs--while all
heaven joins together standing naked before God in
celebration--recognizing our Truth and remembering what it means
to be free.
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Reclaiming Acceptance of our Original State