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Reclaiming Acceptance of our Original State


: A Look at Healing,
                   Self-discovery and Spiritual Growth
                           through Social Nudism

                                        By Daniel D. Ziegler
                               Copyright 2008 Daniel D. Ziegler


First, I want to thank Doug and Norma Mitchell for hiring me as a member of the
staff as they were about to announce to the surrounding community that the
neighborhood campground, Turtle Lake Resort, was about to make it’s transition
from a conventional campground to a nudist park.

This was an exciting and nervous time. Next, I want to thank the other members of
the staff who, with their expressed appreciation for my writing,
encouraged me to continue. Then there were the individuals whom I interviewed,
Cindy, Jerry, Sarita and Crystal, without who’s sharing their experiences, this
book would not be half as effective in getting my message across.

And lastly, I want to thank the hundreds of courageous individuals and couples
who came through the gates of Turtle Lake Resort Family Nudist Park for their
very first time-–nervous, but curious about the nudist lifestyle. It was the smile on
their faces and the sparkle in their eyes, as they experienced the freedom for the
first time, that made me feel giving orientations and tours was the best job in the


                                    To my father,
                               whose lonely struggle
                            courageously led the way.