By Daniel D. Ziegler

"...there is no pulling of rank based on style or cost of one's

Chapter 4 SOCIAL NUDISM: Evidence of Another Way

FEW EVENTS IN LIFE are more auspicious than one’s first experience at
social nudism. Returning to the natural state of our birth for the first time in a
social situation can rightfully be called a born-again experience. Bringing
about a major shift in perception, nudism is often the beginning of a new life.

It is difficult to analyze or even describe the blissful feeling that practically
everyone experiences with their first visit to a nudist park, but it is even more
than the satisfaction one experiences at having tried something over and over
and finally getting it right. Socializing in nude feels right; it feels satisfying; it
feels complete. It is a feeling of ‘finally having arrived home’.

These feelings may very well have to do with the fact that, almost immediately,
one feels a strong sense of community. It is similar to, but perhaps stronger
than, the feeling of community experienced in other social institutions, such as
churches, where one often feels part of a family. Here there is an obvious
difference because there are no artificial barriers between people, there is no
covering of the body for concealment or adornment--no fashion shows, and
there is no pulling of rank based on style or cost of one’s wardrobe. Without
these barriers, relating to others takes on a new level of intimacy--a new form.
Experiencing this new form of community, even for a short time, shatters an
old paradigm of how we relate to each other--one based on image, artificiality
and judgment--and replaces it with a new model based on honesty, truth and

Relating to each other, to nature and to themselves, without having to
maintain artificial barriers or facades or create false impressions, is
extremely relaxing--it is freedom. For most people this stress-free
atmosphere is a welcome change.Those who choose not to return to a nudist
park, after their initial visit, usually make that choice based on a number of
issues including family acceptance, location, cost, etc. They, never-the-less,
have been left with a lasting impression. They have, at the very least, been
presented with evidence that perhaps there is another way. Those who return
to the nudist lifestyle are drawn back by this new found freedom and deep
sense of community. For them, it becomes the basis for a new paradigm that
literally reshapes their lives.
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