By Daniel D. Ziegler

"We need to inform and invite, not just defend."


TO THE AVERAGE PERSON, the idea of nudism or naturism seems
strange. We nudists are often thought of as a bunch of strange people with
some sort of perverted need to prance around without our clothes. Beyond
that, and perhaps a mild curiosity, the average person probably doesn't
think much more about nudism.

And why should they? What information is available that explains or
describes the lifestyle any differently? Sure, there are some nudist
magazines written by nudists for other nudists but they are not the kind of
material you could find on the news stand. I couldn't find any information at
the library. I've never found any mainstream magazine articles on the
subject. I didn't find any listings of nudist 'colonies' in the yellow pages.
The only information available to the general public is the occasional
'weirdo' who makes the rounds on the talk shows clad only in a towel
looking for attention and being ridiculed by the host and audience. It's no
wonder we have such a poor image. Fortunately, we now have the Internet
where, thankfully, there is a fair amount of information now available. But
we can do more.

I don't know why the secrecy of nudism exists except that to talk about it in
this country, where our views of the human body are not much higher than
that as a vehicle for sin, one risks being thought of as sex offender, child
molester or, at best, an exhibitionist. Probably to most nudists, it's not
worth the trouble to explain it, let alone defend it. How unfortunate.

But what about this lifestyle whose followers' divorce rate and rate of
juvenile delinquency is far below the national average? What is the
attraction to this lifestyle whose adherents frequently say, "I wouldn't give
this up for anybody." What's this lifestyle about whose participants talk of
'honesty' , 'self-acceptance' and 'freedom' as if they have a corner on the
market. And what about this lifestyle whose practitioners know it is
excellent therapy for stress related diseases or someone suffering from
poor self-esteem and low self-acceptance. Is not such a lifestyle
something to truly shout about?

Fellow nudists and nuturists, it's time to speak up, not just to fight for our
rights. More importantly, to teach. We need teachers; we need educators.
We have 'soldiers' in the form of nudist activists fighting for our right to be
nude; but where are the teachers? We need to inform and invite, not just
defend. (And let's keep in mind too, that fighting for something only
causes the oppositions to dig in and strengthen its stand.) LET'S
EDUCATE AND INFORM--not as zealots determined to save humanity
from all its problems, but as a group of like-minded individuals who
recognize the value of our wonderful, healthy lifestyle.

Let's talk about it like we talk about our businesses, our churches, our
hobbies or our children and grandchildren. Let's spread the word about
this lifestyle that honors the most magnificent creations on the planet--and
brings the best out of them. That's all we have to do, and if we do our job
well enough, the level of awareness--the critical mass--will tip the scales in
our favor so that we will no longer need to fight. Let's put our energy in a
positive direction. When we have done our job right, our image will have

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