By Daniel D. Ziegler


THE FOLLOWING is reprinted from a book entitled I DIED TO
REMEMBER* written by Dr. Mary Violet McMurray. Mary is a psychologist,
writer and workshop leader. Her book is a personal account of a near-death
experience and how it has given her a new appreciation for life and living. In
this excerpt Mary shares with her readers her first visit to a nudist park and
what she found. Mary was one of the first friends I invited to the park with me.


I drove down the highway pressing beyond the speed limit because I bad left
late for a very important date. I was certain I knew the way. So certain that I
over looked the sign for my exit. My certainty was certainly in error.

I had left home beading for the Whispering Oaks--a nudist resort and a new
experience for me. I was to be a guest of a friend. It was easy to convince
myself that missing the exit was fate telling me that nudism wasn't meant for
me today. So, I went home, sat down with a book and told myself that if I had
gone, I would have been running away from myself because it was really
meant for me to have a day of solitude. BUNK!

Besides July 8 and 9 was National Nude Week-end, so I wanted to see what
it was all about. So, two hours later I started out again, this time arriving at the
gate of the resort-- alone, since it was too late to connect up with my friend
Dan. But by now I was so determined to go through with it that I persevered in
pressing the gate intercom button at least eight times before I heard a relaxed
male voice say, "Hello there, " through the small metal speaker.

I confidently said, "I'm a visitor, a friend of Dan's, could I come in?"

"Sure, " said the anonymous male voice. "Come an in, stop at the office and
I'll show you around.”

I drove through the gate as if I was driving into any park, not really thinking
about what I was going to see and experience. It all felt very NATURAL now
that I had spent my anxiety in two hours of procrastination. I parked next to a
couple of golf carts and got out of my car being greeted by a man wearing
only a t-shirt.

“Hi, I’m Gary, maybe I can find Dan for you.” Gary turned toward the lawn
where numerous people were sunbathing. Just then Dan started to walk
toward us.

“Does Dan wear a white hat?” Gary asked with a little lighthearted lilt in his

“I guess he does,” I said, since that’s all he was wearing.

I felt a smidgen of uneasiness at this point. But my discomfort was dissolving
as quickly as it came because the atmosphere was definitely easy,
NATURAL, light, comfortable and confident.

While Dan showed me where to leave my car for the afternoon, he told me
that as soon as I came through the security gate at Whispering Oaks, I had left
the textile world, as nudists would say. But he also reassured me that although
practicing nudists enjoy being as natural as a newborn, they are also quite
practical. “For example, “ Dan said, “we wear clothes while frying bacon.”

As I walked from my car to begin my tour, I immediately felt out of place in my
shorts and t-shirt. Dan must have read my mind because he said, "When
you're ready, you'll probably be more comfortable if you take your clothes off.

"I need a little time, okay? " I returned with a slightly nervous giggle.

As we walked in the sunshine and cool breezes, I saw green trees, a small
pond, breasts bouncing on the volley ball court, sunburned derrieres, a blue
water pool, and bare skinned babes playing ball.

By the time we reached the club house, I was feeling more and more like I
was wearing an Eskimo parka on Waikiki Beach. My simple, light cotton
shorts and top bad begun to feel weighty.

In the club house was a large hot tub. "Now here's something I'm more
comfortable with, " I thought to myself. And since I bad a couple occasions to
skinny-dip in a private hot tub in my past, I decided that this would be the
most comfortable place to plunge into nudism. I pretended that I was in the
home of a friend, undressed, laid my "textiles" on a chair, and haughtily
stepped down into the hot steamy water. The haughtiness was an act but it
got me through the gateway into my first adventure of nudism.

At first, I imagined that the water veiled my NATURAL way, but my fears
quickly melted with the warmth of the water, the people, the place, and the
general atmosphere.

We continued my tour, and I was pleased to find canoing, swimming, fishing,
nature trails, tennis, volley ball, and a softball field. But I also saw, just as
naturally, tennis shoes, tattoos, sunglasses and bare ....., gold chains and flip-
flop shower shoes, softballs-- volley balls--tennis balls-- and others, bathing
bodies in the open air; a man and woman showering on the porch - sudsing
and rinsing the residue of the day as naturally as the rain washes the dust
from the flower and quenches its thirst.

I saw striped sunburns running vertical from bead to toe from not turning over,
an appendectomy scar, the tender flesh of a sweet innocent little girl climbing
the stairs of a slide on the playground, and yellow and red life jackets above
oars resting on bare cool thighs in the summer sun.

I saw Lincoln Continentals, golf carts, Ford pick-ups, a fish stocked pond, a
wooden bridge, mosquitoes biting where you couldn't itch, baseball caps and
nude naps on green grass with a bonnie lass, fishing poles in the water holes
held by little boys feeling the freedom of the NATURAL spirit, and a sign that
said "SPEED LIMIT 5.

I saw tents, umbrellas, trailers (permanent and transient), family picnics, and
the American Flag waved strongly on the bill above it all.

I met Lloyd - an 80 year old man who has been enjoying the freedom of
nudism at this particular park since 1971. Lloyd says, "It's all quite proper, you
know. "

I met Sandy and Dave who say they took to nudism NATURALLY (It's first
names only here, a natural respect for privacy.) I shared the hot tub with 7 or 8
young people, ages 9 to 14, who bared it all, from the chatter of sports to their
own natural selves as comfortably as a bee nourishes itself with the nectar of
wild iris.

I heard someone say, "Have you seen Sharon? and the response was, "I'm
not sure, what color is her towel?" And best of all, I bugged a tree and felt my
breasts embrace the bark of a 60 foot oak. A tree, one of God's "natural
creations. A tree grows from the inside out while it's firmly rooted and
reaching into the heavens at the same time. A tree ... a tree is as natural as

As I stood in the parking lot and dressed by my car, I realized the relaxed
freedom I'd felt for the past several hours, and "textiles" (clothes) seemed
more functional than social to me.

After moving through my fears, I found the courage to experience a new
happening. These were families who were raising their children to accept
their bodies as beautiful and natural creations of the Almighty creative
Love. They had avoided programming their children with negative and fearful
thoughts and inhibitions about their totally natural vehicle the Almighty Creator
has given them to embellish life with--their bodies. When I drove out of
the gate I was thankful that I had moved beyond my world of rigidity and
resistance and into a world of nature and nudism. .. and the American Flag
waved strongly on the bill above it all."

*I DIED TO REMEMBER by Dr. Mary V. McMurray is
available through Mallard Publishing Company 8374 SW
101 Pi Road Ocala, FL 34481
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