By Daniel D. Ziegler

"And most of all, don't live your whole life never having stood naked
in the rain."

Chapter 11 TAKING OFF

THERE ARE VARYING DEGREES of comfort with nudity among people. If you
have practiced nudity around the house or apartment, in your backyard or
perhaps with a friend in a hot tub, you are probably ready to venture to a social
setting such as a nudist park or beach. If, however, nudity is not something with
which you are yet comfortable, you have much to look forward to, but you may
prefer to begin a step or two back.

Remember that with each step you grow. What at first may feel uncomfortable
and awkward will very soon begin to feel comfortable, even pleasurable; and
the rate of progress will increase with each step, perhaps the earliest seeming
the most challenging. Remember too, that growth often requires that we step
out of out comfort zone, but growth is the most fulfilling aspect of life--the
meaning of life itself.

If nudity is not part of your lifestyle except when essential, such as bathing, you
can begin by remaining nude for longer periods of time after your bath or
shower. The idea is not to freeze so you may want to turn up the thermostat.
Walk around your house or apartment nude for a few minutes before getting
dressed. Have a cup of coffee or tea nude, do some housework nude ( a very
popular way of doing housework), dance nude or talk on the phone nude. If
talking on the phone nude makes you fell self-conscious, think about it and then
laugh at yourself.

One of the most freeing experiences for anyone is to sleep nude. If you have not
done this before, it may not feel comfortable or secure at first, so put on an
extra blanket if necessary and give yourself a chance to adjust. It will not take
long before it will feel comfortable and unrestricted. Those of us who sleep
nude, can’t imagine sleeping all twisted up in night clothes.

If you do not live where you can spend time being nude outdoors, perhaps you
have window in which you can sit in direct sunlight. You will be amazed at how
good this feels. Allow yourself to feel the warmth of the sun on all parts of your
body, especially those parts that have never seen sunlight before. This may
sexually arouse you at first, but just enjoy it, and be assured that by the time you
are ready to explore social nudism, this will not be a problem.

Being nude outdoors for the first time is one of the most memorable
experiences you will ever have. If you have privacy in your back yard, begin
there, perhaps first after dark if you are more comfortable with that. Feel the
breeze on all parts of your body. If you know of a secluded place in the woods
or on a beach, join in with mother nature there. And most of all, don't live your
whole live never having stood naked in the rain.

If you haven’t done any of these things before, one of your concerns may be
‘What if someone sees me?’Chances are you will be overly concerned about
this thinking that neighbors a quarter mile away will be able to see in you
window and see that you are not wearing anything. Take reasonable
precautions, but don’t think for a second that your world is going to end if
someone gets a glimpse of you nude. Go outside (clothed) and check around
your house or apartment and see what you can see looking in your windows
from a street or sidewalk. Probably less than you think. And remember that
many families practice practical nudity in their homes.

A practice that is very beneficial in gaining body acceptance and self-esteem is
to spend some time each day naked in front of a mirror. In doing so, observe all
of your parts. Notice which ones you like and which ones you dislike. Then, as
you make your evaluations, release them realizing that in reality, you are not
your body any more than you are your name. In a short time, you will begin to
become very comfortable with looking at yourself. As this occurs, spend more
time looking at your eyes, the windows of your soul, and when you begin to see
your light, give yourself a wink.

The whole idea of practicing nudity is to begin a process with which we stop
judging out bodies, and to learn to appreciate them for what they truly are--
temporary housing, or temporary vehicles. Our bodies are temples that house
our beautiful and perfect spirit. The process of gaining this awareness and self-
acceptance begins as we begin to change our lifestyle--even ever so slowly at

The step from private nudity around your house or apartment by yourself or with
a partner, to social nudism at a nudist park or beach, is a big step, but by all
means, THE MOST REWARDING. Being free of hang-ups you may have had
about your body and being totally accepted by others is truly a wonderful
experience. As mentioned earlier, this experience changes most people’s lives.

Instead of writing this part of this article, I wish I could personally take each of
you who are reading this to a nudist park or beach for your first time as I have
with a number of close friends. To see the expression on your face as you first
begin to experience the freedom or to have you come to me later in the day and
say that it’s harder to put your clothes back on and go home than it was to take
them off, would warm my heart. Unfortunately that is physically impossible to do,
but, I know that at some level, that has already occurred.

If you know specifically of a nudist park or beach that you would like to visit, or
have friends that are already involved in social nudism, that’s the best place to
start. If not, your best approach to finding a suitable place to begin is to contact
one of the national organizations. They can give you specific information on
local parks or beaches.

These organizations also publish magazines and news bulletins with
information about nudist activities around the country as well as directories
listing various facilities. Two organizations to contact are:

The American Association for Nude Recreation(Formerly The American
Sunbathing Association or ASA)
1703 N. Main Street
Kissimmee, FL 34744-3396
(800) 933-7577

The Naturist Society
P.O. Box 132
Oshkosh, WI 54902
(414) 426-5009

Each of these organizations will be happy to provide you with information on
where to get started as well as material pertaining to their purpose and agenda.
The American Association for Nude Recreation(AANR) publishes an attractive
and well organized nudist park guide called THE NORTH AMERICAN GUIDE
TO NUDE RECREATION. It lists established nudist parks along with the
activities available at each, as well as travel clubs with maps, addresses and
phone numbers. It is published by Elysium Press and can be ordered through
most book stores or directly from AANR. The Naturist Society (TNS) publishes
clothing-optional beaches throughout the world.

Both the American Association for Nude Recreation and The Naturist Society
offer mail order services that carry books and videos pertaining to nude
recreation. To begin, I would recommend the videos “Welcome to Our World”
by The American Association for Nude Recreation or “The Beginner’s Guide to
Skinny-dipping” by The Naturist Society. Both of these videos are well done
and give the beginner an idea of what to expect and how popular nudism and
naturism are.

Through these organizations you will also gain access to information pertaining
to special interest groups, travel information such as nude cruises, and a host
of other related aspects of clothes-free or clothing-optional living.

A whole new wonderful world awaits you. So, TAKE OFF!
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