By Daniel D. Ziegler

Here's an experience I had in sharing masturbation that may help others have
the courage to share also.  

A few years back, I must have been 47 or 48, I went to a local family nudist
park, something I did often.  I had only been to this park once or twice and
didn't know many people, although, as in most such parks, the people were
very friendly.  This particular afternoon, I met an elderly woman, Margaret, who
was by herself.  Margaret was a widow and a retired teacher -- and also, a
rather large woman, (nudists come in all shapes and sizes but feel
comfortable with their bodies) and I guessed her age to be around 70,
although the twinkle in her eyes was that of a school girl.  We spent the
afternoon sitting around the pool talking about the many interests we had in
common, including a lot of the same books we had read. During the course of
the conversation she revealed her age as 78.  When I was getting ready to
leave in the evening, Margaret told me where she lived, gave me her phone
number and invited me over to see her library some time.  I said I would.

A few days later I did call her and she said, "Come on over."  I did and we
spent a relaxing and pleasant afternoon talking and browsing through her
book shelves.  For whatever reason we kept our clothes on--even though we
both were nudists.

A few days later I called again, and again, another visit.  This time we were out
of our clothes in a matter of minutes and then settled into easy chairs in her
living room for tea and good conversation.  

At one point in the afternoon Margaret excused herself to go to the bathroom.  
Now, when I first sat down, I noticed on the floor, next to the chair in which I
was sitting,  an old fashion plug-in-type vibrator massager.  By the twisted
cord and the position in was in, I assumed she had used it often and probably
used it while sitting in that chair.  Well, since our conversation was often light
and humorous and her general attitude toward life was positive, I thought, 'I'm
going to try something here.'

I picked up the vibrator, turned it on and started holding it against my penis.  I
had just started when Margaret returned to the room, and before I even had a
chance to evaluate her reaction, she said, "Keep going, Danny.  Don't stop."  
She watched as I quickly got an erection.  Then she disappeared into her
bedroom and quickly reappeared with another vibrator.  It didn't take long
before, sitting directly across from each other, I was moaning and groaning
and she was hitting the high notes.  In a few minutes we both join in a chorus of
simultaneous orgasms.  After we caught our breath, she said to me, "Dan, it's
been many, many years since I did that with anyone.  Thank you very much."

Over the next few months this scene was repeated a number of times until I
moved away from the area.  

Some time later, at yet another nudist park, I met a couple from the first park
who knew Margaret, and, naturally without saying anything about our 'shared
activities', I asked them how she was.  "Oh she's fine." was the reply,
"Margaret never changes." to which the man added, as if trying to tell me
something interesting, "Do you know how old that woman is?"  

"Seventy-eight, I think," I answered.   

"Oh, no," was their response, chuckling. "She's in her eighties."

"Boy," I said, chuckling to myself, "You sure can't judge a book by its cover,
can you?"

What did I learn from Margaret and my visits with her? To be myself and go
ahead with my instincts in situations like this and that you never know what to
expect or how you are going to touch someone's life, let alone your own.  I also
learned that a 300 pound plus woman in her eighties, loving herself, is one of
the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.  

"Thank you, Margaret, you're beautiful." (Not her real name)

Copyright 2000 Daniel D. Ziegler
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