"There is not one ounce of anxiety in their body language or
on their faces."


By Daniel D. Ziegler

“I’m not quite ready yet, okay? I need a little more time.”

I’ve heard that many times before and I want to say, “No, you’re afraid.
You’re afraid that something is going to happen to and you want to be
ready for it, and that more time is what you need, even if you have no
idea what to do to prepare yourself. You at least want to be ready to
brace yourself for whatever lies ahead, so that if your emotions do begin
fly apart, you won’t have a complete a breakdown.”

I feel I need to address this issue. This is in reference to someone’s
intention to trying nudism for the first time. Usually this comes from
people who after several conversations with me have come to the
conclusion that this is something they need or want to do, either to heal
from a poor body image issue they have been dealing with, or, less
frequently, from people who simply want to try it as a fun thing and
maybe have thought about it for a long time. But this group seems to be
ready almost right away. The sooner the better. My words here are
mainly aimed at the first group who are in the majority.

The ones who realize they are in need of healing of body image issues
are the ones who often feel they need to mentally prepare for the healing
that will take place, that there is something they must do in order to
minimize the trauma of some perhaps painful, serious healing
experience, perhaps bordering on emotional surgery. Or, being a totally
new experience, they unconsciously may be comparing it to something
they already know about or have heard about, such as getting ready for
a bunggie jump or sky diving. These are big events that usually require
some fairly intense mental or physical preparation and are events that
tax their emotions frequently leaving them totally spent. And even when
totally prepared, they still brace them selves for it.

Therein lies the misconception. It simply ain’t that way here. I have never
seen anyone go through anything that even remotely resembles a
traumatic emotional experience or is in any way physically or emotionally
draining and has left them to recover in bed for days afterwards. It
simple is not that way with this healing experience…Not even close.
pure joy,
if you can believe that.

No, here is what happens. In the case of going to a nudist swimming
event for the first time, any anxiety you feel before hand will begin to
dissipate the minute you walk into the facility and see the first nude
people. IMMEDIATELY you will begin to feel a sense of calmness come
over you. You can see that these people are nude and totally happy.
There is not one ounce of anxiety in their body language or on their
faces. These people are at peace and you pick up on that immediately.
You’re already glad you came.

Then, while your left brain mental faculties are still thinking that seeing
nude people is strange, your right brain immediately recognizes that
there is something extremely natural about all this. A big part of you
does not see it as strange at all. It’s like something deep inside
surfacing with the recognition that THIS is the way it was supposed to be
all along. This is NATURAL!

As you proceed to the locker area, you will see more nude people and
each second that goes by brings this feeling of naturalness more to your
awareness. At this point you already WANT to join them because that
little inner you that has been held in so long, knows this is the chance it’s
been waiting for, AND, seeing these other people has already given you
permission to do that. That’s all we need, permission.

And you go for a swim; you share a meal; you meet people; you talk to
them. You see others interacting. You experience friendliness usually not
found with complete strangers. There is definitely a sense of warmth
there, and you recognize and appreciate it. You feel like family within

And so the evening goes on until it’s time to dress and go home…and
suddenly you realize it has been so relaxing that it is harder for you to put
your clothes back on than it was to take them off. But you must dress,
leave and return home.

You’re home and you’re thinking about the relaxing evening but also feel
that nothing has changed about you. You’re still the same person yet you
expected something about you to be different by now. But there is
nothing different. You’re not spent, you not worn out. You need no
recovery. You’re just maybe a little hungry from being in the water for a
good part of there evening. In fact, it’s a little anticlimactic after thinking
there would be more to it, like maybe the sky falling in on you. You may
even think, disappointingly, that you may not even be healed. “Maybe it
didn’t “take” with me.”

But it has.

You HAVE changed. You HAVE healed. You NO LONGER are the
same person. You no longer have to deal with these old issues. But
none of this has taken place visibly or perceptibly as you expected. It’s
all happened quietly and without drama and without you even being
aware of it. Not only did those changes occur, but these changes will be
part of you the rest of your life whether you ever go back or not. This is
the miracle!

The changes may not show up right away, or not, or in a few weeks, or
months, but they will show up, and here’s how. Sometime in the future
you will find yourself in a situation which for having had the nudist
experience, you will react quite differently than you would have before,
and THAT will be the ”ah ha” moment for you, when you suddenly realize
you are far different from before.

So, what you thought was a need to “get ready” to “have more time to
mentally prepare” or to brace yourself, turns out to be nothing, NOTHING
at all, a complete misconception of what was to happen. Completely
unfounded. In fact what all that turned out to be was an unconscious fear
that something big and dramatic was going to happen that you might not
be able to handle. Part of you was expecting something on the order of
a nervous breakdown and long recovery. No such thing ever happened,
nor will it.

So, how do you prepare? You don’t. You
just show up and the rest will
happen ..and, you don’t even need to know how.  

Life is a miracle. LIVE!  

You’re ready and you know it!

Copyright 2008 Daniel D. Ziegler
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