About Daniel D. Ziegler

Dan, a grandfather, is a graduate of Wayne State University and a retired
salary employee of General Motors. Brought up in traditional Christianity,
his spiritual path has long since shifted toward Earth/Goddess-based and
Nature-oriented spiritual practices.

Since retiring Dan has done a variety of activities including a year living in
and working at a major nudist resort in Michigan. His duties included public
relations, orientations for newcomers and guided tours. These afforded him
the opportunity to take hundreds of people through the first-time nudist
experience. It was during this period he wrote his book NAKED BEFORE
A Look At Healing, Self-discovery and Spiritual Growth Through
Social Nudism.

" I wrote the book not only to share my own healing experiences during the
early period of me being a nudist but also to tell the stories of others who
had their own unique yet similar positive life-changing experiences."

On a seemingly never-ending road to self-discovery, finding his childhood
religious training extremely limiting and oppressive, Dan has since
engaged in many practices and participated in many workshops and
seminars all promising to raise consciousness. "And, they all did some
good," Dan states, "but I never felt any of them quite reached to the bottom,
quite got to my core. None of them broke through...and I wasn't even sure
what they were supposed to break through, " he laughs, " but they never
did." But then he found nudism/naturism and finally felt like he had come

Dan now feels that one of the most basic, if not the biggest issue to
overcome on the way to higher consciousness, self-actualization, personal
empowerment and just plain having fun at living, has to do with shame,
embarrassment and guilt over our bodies and their functions. "We walk
around in a body that, from a very young age, most of us have learned to
dislike. Then, realizing something is wrong with us but not having a clue as
to what, we sign up for some magic seminar or workshop claiming to be
able to raise our consciousness--spiritual or otherwise--expecting to get
fixed, while completely unaware of our deep-seated
body image issue. The
most elementary and essential work of all is never even considered.

"No wonder most of these groups did little for me, or for many others. But
not only do they often fail in their claims because they don't address the
most basic issue of
body image, they often leave us feeling worse about
ourselves for the program itself not having worked, that somehow we are
flawed and that we need another session or the advanced course. The
problem is that after taking them, we still don't like ourselves; we still don't
enjoy ourselves at the physical level and
that's where everything starts."

Emphatically Dan adds, "It's important to understand that spiritual or
consciousness-raising practices (or any social systems or institutions, for
that matter) that ignore or fail to recognize and honor the body and
sexuality, deny and degrade a basic and essential part of who we are, and,
for that reason, predictably fail at raising our consciousness.
by NOT addressing the problem of shame, embarrassment and guilt
over our bodies and by not actually offering a healing solution, most of
these programs actually perpetuate the problem
. Without any awareness
on our parts of their effects, they reinforce our poor body image based on
the culturally induced judgement that nakedness is immoral and shameful
thus leaving us worse off than before. If they are not part of the solution, they
are part of the problem. For us to truly heal, we have to have the courage to
face and break through this barrier."

The work he presents here, Dan feels, does just that. It addresses what
most people know deep inside to be the truth about what they must do to
get free. "In our nakedness lies our freedom and strength," says Dan.

DAN'S MISSION STATEMENT: To introduce people to that specific part
of themselves that wants to reclaim acceptance of their original state.
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