I see a world in which we are no longer burdened by shame of our bodies nor
by fear of our sexuality and thus we are free to seek the highest expression
of our human experience.
LESS-ONS FOR TRUTH is a loosely knit group of diverse
individuals, some of whom have been initiated and witnessed by
Dan Ziegler, but all who share the common bond of having
experienced healing, self-discovery and spiritual growth through
social nudism and/or clothes-free living.
I welcome you to LESS-ONS FOR TRUTH.  We are like-minded individuals
reclaiming acceptance of our original state of being, physically and spiritually.
Rather than ignoring our bodies in the process of spiritual growth, we at
LESS-ONS are exploring, experiencing and expressing, body acceptance
and positive sexuality as a basis for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

MANY OF US have negative images of our bodies and of our sexuality brought
about by sexually repressive religious training during our early years or
throughout our whole lives. These images are reinforced by Madison Avenue's
and Hollywood's unrealistic and often contradictory messages of how we are
supposed to look, feel and behave. When we can't live up to these
expectations, we often feel flawed and unworthy. At
LESS-ONS For Truth, we
have come to understand that the healing of our shame, embarrassment and
guilt over our bodies -- and their functions -- is a vital and essential yet
elementary step in the process of self-discovery and personal growth. Through
our healing we have thus come to know and celebrate the true beauty of our
bodies and our sexuality.

Why the name
"LESS-ONS" For Truth? The name is inspired by two
completely different sources. The first is a
PhenomeNews column by the
Swami Beyondananda who humorously describes an ancient
religious sect called Nuddhists. Supposedly followers of the prophet Nuddha,
members of the sect traveled around the countryside teaching (mostly in the
summertime) wearing nothing at all. Since they obviously had less on than
most other folks, their teachings became known as "less-ons." The Swami
surmises this may be the origin of the word "morons" too. He also says, "And
in a world where the "More-ons" greatly out number the "less-ons," maybe this
is a religion whose time has come." Perhaps the good Swami is right.

On a more serious note, the second inspiration for the name
Truth is a wonderful book by Emilie Cade called
Lessons in Truth. It is an
inspirational and spiritual work that presents lessons in reclaiming our highest
spiritual truth -- our divine nature, which is our original state.

And so, I thought, why not
LESS-ONS For Truth (LOFT) -- like-minded people
reclaiming acceptance of their original state, physically as well as spiritually?
This includes people who: 1) Already know the 'naked truth' about themselves,
i.e. are comfortable with their own nudity and sexuality; 2) Those who are
curious and are seeking to know their 'naked truth' as an integral part of their
overall self-discovery and personal growth process, and 3) Those who are in
emotional pain and in serious need of
body image healing work. A perfect

There is nothing to join to become a
LESS-ON. You can just come on in and:  

1)  Casually explore the material presented here -- and be yourself.
Even print
out a
Less-ons For Truth certificate, hang it on your wall and impress your
more-on friends, if you want; or...

2) ...If something here touches you at the deepest level of your soul and nude
living, nude recreation and even social nudism seem to be calling you, then
follow your heart and try it.
Nudism/naturism is about having fun. There is
enough information within these pages to get you started.; OR...

3) ...If  you have a  poor body image based on the culturally induced judgement
that nakedness is immoral and shameful and are in serious emotional pain yet
you feel you are ready to be healed, however, you aren't quite sure how to go
about the healing process, then read at least some of this material and
us. There are many who have been exactly where you are in terms of poor
body image who have found healing and relief from their pain. You can too!

Less-ons for Truth Mission:
Reclaiming acceptance of our Original State

Less-ons for Truth Motto:
Ego sum sicut Deus me creavit.  (I am as God created me).

Coming from the heart,

Disclaimer: Some of the following pages may contain written sexual descriptions or nude photos. If
you may not legally possess or read such material in your area, if you feel that such material would
offend you, or if you do not freely wish to read such material for your own education or enjoyment,
then you must leave this site immediately. You may not read any of these essays or articles if you
are under the age of 18. By continuing, you are indicating that you are at least 18 years of age.

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Reclaiming Acceptance of Our Original State
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